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Welcome to The Green Energy Machine Web Site

The Green Energy Machine is specifically designed for classroom use. We've tried to anticipate all the questions you might have, but we realize that's an impossible task.  Therefore we have provided you with a "Contact Us" section to ask us anything you want about The Green Energy Machine.

What is The Green Energy Machine?

The Green Energy Machine is a dynamic, easy-to-use classroom tool that makes the teaching of alternate energy sources vital and exciting. For the cost of a few school laptop computers, it can provide hands-on experiences with both solar and wind power.

Additional Uses

The Green Energy Machine is sized conveniently so it is easy to move from classroom to classroom. An entire department or an entire school district can use one machine.  It also has many other no-classroom applications described in the "Additional Uses" section

What's Included in the Package?

The Green Energy Machine includes a 35 watt solar cell, a 400 watt wind turbine, a sealed rechargeable battery, an AC inverter, a voltmeter and separate amp meters. It produces 5 amps at 110 volts AC when fully charged. All of these elements are discussed fully in the "Specifications" section of the Web Site.

How Do I use it in my Classroom?

Each teacher seems to use The Green Energy Machine differently, and it was designed to allow you to use it the way you think best.

To help get you started, the package includes a teacher-written "Resource Guide" compatible with National Science Standards. You can follow the guide closely and have excellent results, or you can use it as a springboard and adapt it directly to your own needs.

What Benefits do my students receive and what benefits do I receive?

Your students will experience an exciting, hands-on science demonstration when you teach what can sometimes be a dry area in science. Describing a wind-turbine is not always easy and pictures seldom do them justice. And let's face it, a picture of a solar panel will put a class to sleep! But when students see a wind turbine and a solar panel, when they see how they work, when they can influence what these tools do, the students learn.

The teacher's principal benefit is the addition of another arrow in the quiver of teaching tools, an arrow that looks to the future as alternate energy sources become more and more important. You will provide your students with a leg-up on understanding tomorrow's energy sources.

Technical Specifications >>>

The Green Energy Machine: $4,950.00




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